The rate payer funded utility rebate market is a multi-billion dollar industry that is complex and ever changing. Each Utility and program has different standards, guidelines, deadlines, and requirements. The Ogni Group's dedicated and experienced Rebate Management Team is committed to having the most current understanding of all major utility programs to help you maximize your external funding sources. Ogni is a dedicated rebate processing provider for many multi-national corporations, providing rebate analysis and processing services across North America for a wide range of industries including HVAC, refrigeration, motors, VFD's, lighting, and controls. Our goal is always to maximize external grant and rebate funding for our customers and partners.

Ogni offers rebate market research and consulting services to our customers and partners by analyzing a matrix of market conditions and providing strategic guidance for achieving energy related goals. The Ogni Rebate Management team uses a structured and visible process to ensure accuracy and maximize funding. Utilizing a dedicated reporting portal, our customers can submit rebate requests and know exactly where that application is in the process and how much they expect to receive. Our energy engineers also provide custom and prescriptive rebate comparison analysis showing how different application strategies can provide additional funding.

The Ogni Rebate Management Team has a typical rebate capture range of 20%-50% of project cost depending on the measures being implemented.